Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Just a quick note to self, never put up an "I'm Back" post if I don't have a plan to keep me on track with posting like I am officially back at it (That post is no longer up, because I was embarrassed on how long ago I posted it.)

My MIA Explanation: Since I have redesigned my blog I had every intension on posting regularly.  The new title is of course Love God Live Good, but I have not been living up to that title.  Now I wasn't out here running the streets or anything like that, but I haven't been spending the time that I should with God, nor have I been "living good" to say the least.  So with not doing the things I needed to do, i.e. spending more time with God and taking better care of myself physically, it was basically impossible to get the drive or enjoyment out of moving forward with my blog.  

Now moving forward, I plan to share more than only my interior design concepts and a fashion outfit ideas.  I want to make this more than that.  I am currently on my health and fitness journey, and I want to share that, as well as my random thoughts and stuff.  In conclusion, LoveGod.LiveGood is going to have more stuff!