Friday, January 31, 2014

Interior Design - A Mauve-lous Continuation

If you remember the design titled Mauve-lous Dining Room was a challenge given to me to create a purple victorian(esque) dining room.  I've been having a little designers block on what kind of design project to do next, so I decided to go back and finish the entire floor plan of some (or all) of the designs that I have done centering on one room.  This is the Victoria Floor Plan that I used to create the Dining Room. So I am going to continue the purple theme throughout the home.  The Next stop on the journey actually starts upstairs in the Boy's Room, which is directly in front of the balcony).

Wallpaper: | Slat Bed (Similar 123) | Fabrics: leather euro pillows, purple pillowblanket & small pillow 1, small pillow 2drapery & bean bag | Andromeda Art | Starwars Poster | toys 123 | desk chair | death star light