Sunday, February 17, 2013

Interior Design-Shared Nursery-Boy & Girl

This is the same bedroom used in Hand Me Downs & Exploring Colors post. The concept here is a shared nursery by a big boy and baby girl, using a unisex color palette. The only thing that distinguishes boy or girl are the fabrics and toys displayed.  

I wanted to give you a closer look at the Boy's Bed and Girl's Crib fabric and toy choices, which are stereotypical, but hey you get the point.
With the boy I wanted to use more masculine selections so I went with a solid gray(I think of a nice tailored suit) , houndstooth (think Sherlock Holmes' Trench), and a dinosaur motif (the simple fact my nephew was nuts about dinosaurs) .  For his display toys a motorcycle, hot rod, and an army soldier action figure).

For the baby girl I obviously went slightly feminine.  The thought birds because I have jewelry that are birds and feathers, the chevron print because I see it a lot in women's fashion including my own, and the  damask print just feels feminine to me. Her toy choices are just simply My Little Ponies. So Cute.