Sunday, February 10, 2013


49" x 24"
2009 September 2007

This painting came about one day when I was feeling a kind of chaotic. I had just moved into a new place, and I couldn't get things the way I wanted and so I felt like I was going nuts and wanted to just throw things around and make a mess, but I don't like messes.  So I went to Home Depot, purchased a piece of MDF, painted the background with a glossy brown.  Then came the fun part...I stood over the painted MDF and started squirted paint straight fromthe tubes like a kid would squeeze ketchu all over white carpet.  I felt like I should have been laughing like an evil genius "MUAH HA HA HA".  I didn't of course, that would be sort of creepy ; )

After I was all done I felt better and it actually seemed like I left all of the chaotic energy on the board, hence the title.